This place made me believe in something called love at first sight :)

Yes this is one of the most beautiful Islands I would say. The vibes of this place will drive you crazy. The sun, sand, beaches, mountains, lazy evenings, happy feelings are all here. I am sure the people who have already visited this place will second this opinion of mine about this place.

This island is in Indonesia and its name is Gili Trawangan. And I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ISLAND.

  1. Peaceful Blue

As soon as I reached here, all I could see were beautiful blues. Dark Blue, light blue, turquoise blue…just almost all the blues. The beaches here were so beautiful that you would not want to go indoors. You can see mountains at a distance while lying on the beach.

This place is like a heaven on earth. The sand was warm and soothing, the waves were high on one side and serene just a walk away, the water was crystal clear, the skies were vast…It was beautiful. Sharing the pictures. Have a look.

  1. Only Carts and Cycle Policy

Soon after admiring the beauty of the ocean, I remembered that I should reach my hotel first and drop my luggage. It was then I asked the people around about the taxis. Yes, I got to know that this island has NO MOTOR VEHICLE at all and they all use carts and cycles to commute. Isn’t that cool? I was impressed. No pollution yeah.

I reached my hotel and first thing I did was I got my bicycle. I am an animal lover and would definitely prefer riding a cycle that burden a horse of any other animal. I rented this Cycle from the resort itself (they have them for their guests). They charged 75000 Rupiah for a day which is about 350 Indian Rupees. It was a great deal for me.

You can just ride it anywhere and stop whenever you feel like. The island is all yours.

  1. Underwater Temple

This is for the first time ever that I have seen an underwater temple. The locals know about it. So they take you to that part of the sea by boat and make you snorkel to have a glimpse of it. Although they call it temple, I didn’t find it like one. hahaha… have a look !!

  1. Swings and many swings

This is the best part of this island trust me. I just went crazy about these swings. Swings where your feet touch the ocean, in front of you is the ocean and behind you is the ocean. I may sound funny to you but the feeling is just out of the world.

  1. Water Sports

This place is popular for water sports. You can opt for snorkeling, underwater diving, skiing etc. It was my first experience of snorkeling and I really enjoyed it. This place has got really beautiful coral reefs and fishes. But I had a little bad experience too. These waters have jelly fish and I got stung twice which resulted in painful red rashes on my skin. But they were thankfully not those severe ones whose stings are life threatening. As per a local guy, wearing some oil over your skin can be a precaution that you can take before jumping in but if in case jelly fish stings you and you are facing itching or pain, just rinse that part of your skin with vinegar.

  1. Barbecue under the stars

After all the cycling, snorkeling and all the other things that I did during the day, this was best place to stop and breathe some fresh air and smell some really good food. The life at night here is extremely amazing. You will find barbecue all across the coast with live music bands on the shores. This place is just so amazing in every possible way. For people who are non vegetarians, they would love to be here as this place is just full of sea food and other non vegetarian cuisines. I am a vegetarian so I have just smelled the food, cannot tell you how it tasted. Hahahha…I survived on tetra packs of cow milk 😉 😛

  1. My favorite place

This place is my favorite. Just think of dining in such an amazing setting. This lounge is beautiful and is located right opposite the sea beach. This place is called Pearl Beach Lounge. Most recommended.

Happy Travelling !!

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