My favorite cafe in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh !!

Going to Dharamshala or still there?? It is time to have some good food accompanied by good books.

Yes it was my solo trip to Mclodganj and I am happy that I get to enter this café just like that. I was passing by the Jogibara road in Dharamshala when I saw something written on the black board with chalk. I read it and really felt like going inside and checking out the place. It read “When the road ends, and the goal is gained, the pilgrim finds that he has travelled from himself to himself”.  Isn’t deep??

I entered the cafĂ© and found all my favorite things around. Yes there were thousands of books, a balcony that played nature’s window, soothing music and good food. The name of the place is “illiterati books and coffee”. As soon as I got into the place I searched the meaning of “illiterati” on Google and found that it means “Anyone who is not well educated or informed about a specific subject”. And yes when so many books are around  that you haven’t read, you feel like one…at least i did.

I have ordered one cheese grilled sandwich, which they served with salted French fries for just Rs. 170. It was quite value for money especially when in a tourist location.

Well I liked the café quite a lot and would definitely want to recommend it to my readers.I liked the café also because it is away from the hustle bustle of the main town Mclodganj.

Walk a little downhill and find this quaint place. I hope you will love it. Enjoy.

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