Orissa is NOT just about temples !!

Orissa is known for its strong religious aura, temples with great architecture and Puri, Of coarse. During my stay in Orissa for almost 8 months, I discovered it has got many other amazing places as well.

If you are the not the kind of person who likes visiting temples so much and for that very reason have not visited this place, Plan it now for these six places. It will be worth it.

1. Konark Beach

This is the beach everyone knows about but very few people visit. See there is nobody across the coastline (in the second picture). The reason is that people have drowned here (told by our driver). This is not like a regular beach where people visit in masses. It is just a beautiful piece of nature which is to be experienced carefully.

The waves here are rough and high. So do not go more than 5 steps ahead from the place last touched by the wave. This is a place where one can just chill out, click few pictures, enjoy the breeze, see the sunset but everything at a distance.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 1/6 by Manu K K Verma
Yup..that’s me
Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 2/6 by Manu K K Verma
beautiful coastline…hovering clouds…shinning sand and my camera clicking it all.

2. Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary

Chilika Lake is a water lagoon on Indian east coast and every winters, the birds from all over the winder regions migrate to this place, This is a heaven for photographers and travelers as to see 160 species of birds at a time at one place is not less than nature’s grace. Visit this place between October to February to witness this beauty.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 3/6 by Manu K K Verma
Picture taken from the internet

3. Meet the Dolphins and see the crabs

This is an amazing place if you want to see dolphins jumping and dancing around. The best way to reach this place is to reach Bhubaneswar and from there take a cab to this place, it is at a distance of around 120 Kilometers from there. This is a small lake which merges with the ocean at a distance. This is home to dolphins and red crabs.

Note: people will try and sell you corals saying they are real and are just taken out from the ocean, don’t trust them. They will sell you artificial stuff at very high price (i have spent 9000 Rs. and have got the gems and pearls which were not original but of coarse I got to know it later).

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 4/6 by Manu K K Verma
Captured from our boat

4. Scene like never before

This place is Gahirmatha Beach and to witness it, is a life time experience. Every year during October turtles spread across this beach and go back after their eggs hatch into little turtles. This is their mating season and you will fall for this place for its nature’s wonder.

Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 5/6 by Manu K K Verma
Photo of Orissa is NOT just about temples !! 6/6 by Manu K K Verma

5. Nandan kanan Zoological Park

Nandan Kanan is an amazing zoo in Bhubaneswar with a very good variety of birds and other animals. It has got many safaris and is spread in the area 400 hectare and have also got a botanical garden. This is a perfect place if you are going with kids. Otherwise also it has got huge variety of animals and best part it that they have named them all, like you will find a lioness and her name is Priyanka. Interesting isn’t it?

6. Toshali Fair / Toshali National Craft Mela

If you happen to land up in Odisha during winters, this is a place you should not miss. This is a National Fair, and craftsmen from all over the country come every year to showcase their cultural heritage. This fair gets organised opposite Fortune Towers.

Happy Travelling !

I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals.

Yes. I am talking about Rajasthan.

When we look at the activities around Rajasthan, things that come to our mind are camel riding, elephant riding, visiting palaces etc. I am writing this blog not to tell you what all places you should visit, but what all experiences you should seek.

Promise me you are not riding any animal to please yourselves. Obviously I will share what else you can do in Rajasthan and you will really thank me for that.

So here it goes –

1. If in Jaisalmer go for this desert Safari in the Thar Desert

Jaisalmer is known as Golden City, some call it Brown City for its vast deserts. You can explore the golden sands of the Great Thar here. I have paid Rs.800 for the jeep safari but I have negotiated quite a lot as we wanted just the glimpse of it (20 mins) as I was running short of time. Usually they around around 1500-2000. Please negotiate.

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 1/13 by Manu K K Verma
I opted for Jeep Safari…I don’t ride on animals…

2. Nature here is unique and worth admiring

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 2/13 by Manu K K Verma
Peacock lazying around
Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 3/13 by Manu K K Verma
I found this one hour old baby trying to get up on its feet
Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 4/13 by Manu K K Verma
A friend in the desert

3. Let’s fly

Yes just tell your driver to take you the point where you can fly with the hot air balloon in Jaisalmer. They will first take you at a height by jeep and then you will come back flying.

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 5/13 by Manu K K Verma
Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 6/13 by Manu K K Verma

4. Listen to their culture

They were the local people I met in Jaisalmer. They performed for me and I brought the same for you. Check out the link –

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 7/13 by Manu K K Verma

5. One of the best location for photography lovers

My photographer friends…you will love it.

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 8/13 by Manu K K Verma
Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 9/13 by Manu K K Verma

6. Live in such tents in Jaisalmer

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 10/13 by Manu K K Verma

7. Visit Kudi desert in Jaiselmer to see India Pakistan Border

I have not visited this place as I get to spend very less time in Jaisalmer. But as per one of the local guy there, Kudi Desert is a place where you can have a look at the border that divides India and Pakistan.

8. Pose with the camels, but only pose

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 11/13 by Manu K K Verma

9. And lastly never come back before shopping

Rajasthan is famous for its colorful culture. You can get the best of Juttis (Footwear), bags, belts etc made of original camel skin. Don’t worry they only use the skin after the animal is dead. You will find exceptionally beautiful silver jewelry and handmade decorative items.

Do not miss Bapu Market, Nehru Market when in Jaipur and also visit the Bhatia Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar and market near Jaisalmer Fort when in Jaisalmer.

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 12/13 by Manu K K Verma

Foot wear

Photo of I promise these activities will make your trip memorable in the land of royals. 13/13 by Manu K K Verma

hangings for decoration

Happy Travelling 🙂 Cheers !!

This place made me believe in something called love at first sight :)

Yes this is one of the most beautiful Islands I would say. The vibes of this place will drive you crazy. The sun, sand, beaches, mountains, lazy evenings, happy feelings are all here. I am sure the people who have already visited this place will second this opinion of mine about this place.

This island is in Indonesia and its name is Gili Trawangan. And I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ISLAND.

  1. Peaceful Blue

As soon as I reached here, all I could see were beautiful blues. Dark Blue, light blue, turquoise blue
just almost all the blues. The beaches here were so beautiful that you would not want to go indoors. You can see mountains at a distance while lying on the beach.

This place is like a heaven on earth. The sand was warm and soothing, the waves were high on one side and serene just a walk away, the water was crystal clear, the skies were vast
It was beautiful. Sharing the pictures. Have a look.

  1. Only Carts and Cycle Policy

Soon after admiring the beauty of the ocean, I remembered that I should reach my hotel first and drop my luggage. It was then I asked the people around about the taxis. Yes, I got to know that this island has NO MOTOR VEHICLE at all and they all use carts and cycles to commute. Isn’t that cool? I was impressed. No pollution yeah.

I reached my hotel and first thing I did was I got my bicycle. I am an animal lover and would definitely prefer riding a cycle that burden a horse of any other animal. I rented this Cycle from the resort itself (they have them for their guests). They charged 75000 Rupiah for a day which is about 350 Indian Rupees. It was a great deal for me.

You can just ride it anywhere and stop whenever you feel like. The island is all yours.

  1. Underwater Temple

This is for the first time ever that I have seen an underwater temple. The locals know about it. So they take you to that part of the sea by boat and make you snorkel to have a glimpse of it. Although they call it temple, I didn’t find it like one. hahaha
 have a look !!

  1. Swings and many swings

This is the best part of this island trust me. I just went crazy about these swings. Swings where your feet touch the ocean, in front of you is the ocean and behind you is the ocean. I may sound funny to you but the feeling is just out of the world.

  1. Water Sports

This place is popular for water sports. You can opt for snorkeling, underwater diving, skiing etc. It was my first experience of snorkeling and I really enjoyed it. This place has got really beautiful coral reefs and fishes. But I had a little bad experience too. These waters have jelly fish and I got stung twice which resulted in painful red rashes on my skin. But they were thankfully not those severe ones whose stings are life threatening. As per a local guy, wearing some oil over your skin can be a precaution that you can take before jumping in but if in case jelly fish stings you and you are facing itching or pain, just rinse that part of your skin with vinegar.

  1. Barbecue under the stars

After all the cycling, snorkeling and all the other things that I did during the day, this was best place to stop and breathe some fresh air and smell some really good food. The life at night here is extremely amazing. You will find barbecue all across the coast with live music bands on the shores. This place is just so amazing in every possible way. For people who are non vegetarians, they would love to be here as this place is just full of sea food and other non vegetarian cuisines. I am a vegetarian so I have just smelled the food, cannot tell you how it tasted. Hahahha…I survived on tetra packs of cow milk 😉 😛

  1. My favorite place

This place is my favorite. Just think of dining in such an amazing setting. This lounge is beautiful and is located right opposite the sea beach. This place is called Pearl Beach Lounge. Most recommended.

Happy Travelling !!

For nature lovers..It is crime to miss any of these !!

Nature Lovers
Don’t miss it, if you are in Mclodganj:

Why always rush to tourist places!! A journey is often beautiful if you take the roads less traveled. It was when I dropped my luggage in the hotel room at 6 am and decided to get lost in the nature to find myself. I was in Mclodganj for two days and I feel that this is the first time I have ever experienced so much of nature around. Not because this place is so beautiful but because I chose to explore the unexplored.

My journey was beautiful and so was the destination. If you are really a seeking soul like i am…forget about all the places people visit all the time. Just spend some time with your own self and let nature be your guide. These are the few things i am sure you would love to do like i did…

1. Cycling amidst the pines:

If you are in Mclodganj, the best way is to rent a mountain bike from the local market. There are a few shops that give bikes, cycles and scooters on rent. I took a cycle from “Buddha Travels” a shop right behind the Buddhist temple in Mclodganj main market. I have paid 150 Rs. for an hour.

For the first time ever in life I have enjoyed cycling so much. Whenever in Mclodganj or around, never drop the idea of cycling. It is when you will be able to use all your senses together. You will smell the flora, you will feel the breeze, you will see the lush green beauty of the mountains, and you will hear the gushing sound of the flowing water. Trust me the experience will be unforgettable for life.

2. River side:

Whenever people visit Mclodganj, I have generally seen them walking to Bhagsu waterfalls which is quite a crowded place these days. This time I have been to a village called Mohli, which is about 16 Kilometers away from Mclodganj. This place has a trail way down to the river side. And at the time I went, all I could see were three people at a distance. This is a place I would really recommend to the people who are nature lovers. Make sure that you get down to the river side after speaking to a local person out there.

Also if you want to take bath in the river, there is a separate place for that. You will not find more than 3-4 people there. But again, before going down, make sure of it first. And yes, it is beautiful place and a person like i am, can spend hours with a flinch on the face.

3. Wild berries in the wilderness:

Look at the berries in the picture. Aren’t they beautiful? The walk in the wilderness took me here. A walk without a destination in mind makes you live every moment much more peacefully, I feel. If one is in Mclodganj, just leave your hotel room and start walking up the taxi stand road. Why look for places with people around !! let’s look for places with fruits and colors and water droplets and bees and birds.

One hour of walk will take your worries away and you will find yourself in the spiritual state.

4. Walk in the woods
meet different creatures:

Can you guess the name of this creature?? It grabbed by attention when I saw it moving on a rock. I captured it in the camera but it took me three days of search to just get to know its name. I must have typed every related species like snail, moth, leech etc. on Google. I even did an image search but “no matches found”. I shared it with my colleagues in offices and after three days a boy from office came to me and told me that it’s called a “Banana Slug” and it is very rare to find.I felt really happy to have captured it. Go walk in the woods
the experiences will be worth it.

5. Find a bench unoccupied:

Yes I am talking about Tea Gardens. The tea gardens are in Palampur, Dharamshala. But if you want to visit one and don’t want to go far from Mclodganj, start a drive towards Gaggal. Within 15-20 minutes, you will witness a small stretch of tea plantation grown beautifully in the mountains. The view is mesmerizing.

Mysterious yet peaceful !! Explored yet virgin is this place…

“An unexplored and virgin location” this is what the board reads when you reach at the height of 2730 meters above the sea level. This is indeed one of the most beautiful experience of my life. This place is an offbeat location in Mandi but you cannot take your eyes off the place I can bet on this.

I visited in Monsoons which is not at all a good time to visit this place. Mind it. But I visited at this time because I wanted to experience only the company of nature and no one else. This place has mystical beauty. To many people it is just a lake with a circular grass base floating on it but to the people of Himalayas, this place holds great importance. It is a temple of their sage Parashar and near the lake there is a small Parashar Temple.

When I visited this place I met an old priest in the temple and asked about the temple and this beautiful lake. He told me that the grass base and the lake are symbolizing our planet. The grass base that’s floating represents that only a small part of earth is land and soil, rest is all water. Also people say that the circular grass base symbolizes earth rotating and revolving on its axis.According to him no one knows about the depth of this lake and many years back a group of scientists came to measure it but were not been able to reach the depth.

Once I reached the place till where the cars could go, one has to walk around 7-10 minutes and as soon as you reach the top of the mountain, the other side is this heaven waiting for you to experience the holiness of this place. The mountains here are all covered with flowers as if you are in a different world. My words or pictures are bare minimum to explain this feeling.

This place has got some popularity lately but you have to visit this place at least before it gets crowded. This place is around 69 kilometers from Mandi. You have to first reach Mandi to explore this place. Delhi is 410 kilometers from Mandi. From Delhi there is good connectivity (Volvo buses) to Mandi.

Once you reach Mandi it is preferable to take a private Taxi till Parashar, I did the same. I preferred this because the buses from Mandi will only go till village Baggi, and Parashar is 7-8 kilometers ahead of Baggi. So if you have a cab or taxi, you will reach comfortably without carrying whole lot of baggage on your back.

By the way the first picture is the entrance of the government guest house which is at a location where there is no resort or hotels at all. You can book this in advance and be at height of 2730 meters above the sea level, just close to stars and purity of the nature.

Enjoy whenever you visit and I am sure you will recall my words “This place has got mystic beauty”. Cheers!!

Poser’s Special – 5 Picture perfect places in Dharamshala !!

Poser’s Special – 5 Picture perfect places in Dharamshala:

Pictures are nothing but collection of beautiful memories
 the memories that we never want to forget. This article will tell you five picture perfect places in Dharamshala. So if you are passing by any of these places
Just wait and first get yourself clicked.  This blog is especially written by me for my poser friends especially girls. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Pong Dam Lake:

This is beautiful place in Kangra, about 62 Kilometers from Mclodganj.  It has got vast never ending green fields on both sides of the way made to reach the place. At the end you will find a lake with animals, birds, boats and that’s where you have to pull your camera out and capture beauty. Have a look at my favorite picture near Pong Dam.

It couldn’t be better.

2. Bridge:

I saw this bridge on the way back from Kangra Fort. It looked beautiful and I was lucky to be here in the monsoons around July which made it look even filmier. I have taken the pictures of the bridge, got myself clicked and also clicked the name and address of the bridge for you guys. Enjoy.

A walk on the bridge

3. Norbulingka Monastery:

Heavenly place it is, for pictures and otherwise. It is a monastery with beauty unmatched in terms of Tibetan culture. Have a look at one.

4. Tea Garden:

Ok so Tea gardens are in Palampur, Dharamshala in a good stretch of 3-4 kilometers. But if you are in Mclodganj, then the closest tea garden you will find is on the way to a place called Gaggal from Mclodganj. You will find these gardens just in 20 minutes’ drive. And these tea gardens are one of my favorite places to have a feel of serenity and nature and to be clicked of course.

A bench of peace

5. Taxi Stand Road- Mclodganj:

This place has nothing special; I have quoted this as I walked on this road during my stay in Mclodganj. You can take any road in any hill station; you will find it equally picture perfect in terms of scenic beauty. All you need is an eye to recognize the potential of that place. I was on a walk to this road in Mclodganj and found few beautiful lonely paths and have got myself clicked without wasting a second.Have a look.

My favorite cafe in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh !!

Going to Dharamshala or still there?? It is time to have some good food accompanied by good books.

Yes it was my solo trip to Mclodganj and I am happy that I get to enter this cafĂ© just like that. I was passing by the Jogibara road in Dharamshala when I saw something written on the black board with chalk. I read it and really felt like going inside and checking out the place. It read “When the road ends, and the goal is gained, the pilgrim finds that he has travelled from himself to himself”.  Isn’t deep??

I entered the cafĂ© and found all my favorite things around. Yes there were thousands of books, a balcony that played nature’s window, soothing music and good food. The name of the place is “illiterati books and coffee”. As soon as I got into the place I searched the meaning of “illiterati” on Google and found that it means “Anyone who is not well educated or informed about a specific subject”. And yes when so many books are around  that you haven’t read, you feel like one…at least i did.

I have ordered one cheese grilled sandwich, which they served with salted French fries for just Rs. 170. It was quite value for money especially when in a tourist location.

Well I liked the café quite a lot and would definitely want to recommend it to my readers.I liked the café also because it is away from the hustle bustle of the main town Mclodganj.

Walk a little downhill and find this quaint place. I hope you will love it. Enjoy.

Himalayas..An unbeatable beauty !!

Plains in the mountains:

This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Although situated in the lap of mountains but green fields are extended to the area till the point your eyes can see. In mountains we expect curve roads and forests but once you enter this place all you will see is never ending lush green fields on both sides of your way as if you are on plains. Yes that’s Pong Dam Lake in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Specialty of this place:

It is a heaven for photographers interested in capturing birds. This place was declared as bird sanctuary when it was noticed that it is home to a variety of birds that migrate and find their shelters here every winters. It is a 5 Kilometer area serving nature at its best to  visitors. People generally visit this place during November to March to get glimpse of beautiful birds.

The birds that migrate include bar headed geese, Anserindicus, northern lapwing, ruddy shelduck, northern pin tail, common teal, spot-billed duck, Eurasian coot, red-necked grebe, black-headed gulls, plovers, black stork, terns, water-fowl and egrets.

How to reach this place:

This place is around 250 Kilometers from Chandigarh. I stay in Chandigarh, so I just took a Volvo Bus to Dharamshala. After reaching Mclodganj, Dharamshala, just take a taxi to Pong Dam (around 60 Kilometers from Dharamshala; 2 hours journey).

Taxi Route from Mclodganj looks like this-  Mclodganj to Gaggal to Tiyari Lunj to Surya Nagrota to Pong Dam

Other details:

  • If you are in Amritsar, you are just 110 Kilometers away from the place.
  • The closest Airports to this place are Pathankot and Gaggal.
  • The nearest Railway Stations are Mukerian(30 km from Pong Dam) and Pathankot (32 km from Pong Dam).

My Visit to Pong Dam:

So although I knew that the best time to visit this place is during winters and I will find no birds during rains, I visited this place during Monsoon. I went there just to see how it looks like when nobody prefers to come here. And that was the best thing I did.

It was Month of July that made this place beautiful and vibrant. Yes, because of rains, the grass around in the field grew and turned greener as well as brighter. The lake was filled with rain water. When I reached, there were no tourists there, not even one. All I could see were a few tents. When I inquired I got to know that they are people from a village 30 Kilometers away from the Pong Dam Lake. They told me that they come to this place every monsoon with their animals. “Yes, this is the time when there are no people around and it is like a vacation for our animals. The animals just rest in the soothing water of the lake and enjoy green meals”
hahaha…said one of them.

Actually this is the time when they bring their horses, foals, buffaloes to the fields for a month so that animals can turn healthy as the fields have endless green fresh grass.

This is an absolutely good time for visitors to be here if you are a nature lover and wish to spend few moments of solitude. Never in my life I have ever seen around 3000 Buffaloes coming out of the waters together (may sound funny but visually it was a moment to hold on and just see). My eyes were just praising the beauty of this universe with every passing moment. There were many horses with little foals grazing the field.There were a few boats at the lake side, birds flying here and there, lush green fields, clean blue water of the lake
That was the best thing one can encounter. Indeed.

I would recommend this place to be visited in evening if planning during monsoon, because it’s usually hot and humid during the day. But all your worries will just fly away if you get to encounter such a place with all the nature and solitude.

I wish you have great time here whenever you visit.  Cheers!!

Andaman and Nicobar Islands…No less than a heaven !!

9 Interesting things about Andaman and Nicobar Islands that only a local can tell you…

Andaman and Nicobar Island is a heaven to explore nature. You can take any way and you will find your journey blessed with nature. I can guarantee you that if you will visit this place once; you will definitely want to revisit it. Like all the places around, this place has got many interesting things that I am quite sure that you must not be aware of.

It’s a land of dense tropical rain forests, never ending view of deep blue waters and home to rarely found birds, animals and dangerous reptiles.  Let me tell you what else I found interesting after talking to people on my journey to this colorful place.

  1. Secret about the 20 Rs. Note:

Ok, so take out 20 Rs. note (Indian currency) from your pocket and see the picture printed on its back side. I am sure now you can see a few coconut trees and a phenomenal view of the ocean. This picture is captured in Andaman.

You will be able to see this place on your mountain and jungle drive towards Mt. Harriet. The distance of Mt. Harriet view point to Port Blair is around 54 Kilometers and on the way you will find this place from where the picture was captured.

2. A one and a half hour of drive through the tribal area:

This was my experience in life which is “once in a lifetime” types. I believe I am lucky enough to be able to witness these tribes during my journey. I have seen tribal people many times in pictures, movies and channels like discovery etc. but here I have experienced all of it in real. It was both dangerous as well as fulfilling from an explorer’s point of view.

The place is called “JIRGA TANG” from where starts dense tropical rain forest and the home to this tribe called “JARAWA”. I had to cover a stretch of 48 Kilometers from Jirga Tang to reach Middle Strait. These 48 Kilometers of my life were like entering an altogether different world where no trees were chopped down, no rivers or streams were used to dump garbage, no flowers were plucked to make bouquets, no one was walking the street peeping into their mobile phones, no access to wifi, and that was all because this place belongs to this tribe and they have protected their piece of land.

My driver asked me to just look outside and told me that if I am lucky enough, I will witness the tribal people. And thankfully, I did witness them. They were tanned bodies with big eyes, with their private parts covered with leaves and their accessories included arrows and knives and swords, all made up of what the forest offered them. They eat snakes, wild pigs and other animals and fruits in the forest which they hunt every day. As per locals, they have good knowledge of all the flora and fauna there. They never see doctors in the city. They have never been out of their forest. They have no idea what the mobile phones are. They are just so different. It was quite unbelievable to see such people in this century.

We were instructed to drive at 40 Kilometer per hour speed and not to stop anywhere before this 48 Kilometers stretch ends considering that the people in the tribes are not welcoming and it can be dangerous to be in their area.

It was a place where no phones and cameras were allowed, and so I have no picture to show you. But the picture couldn’t have explained the place anyway. Do visit this place before they extinguish.

3.As punctual as parrots:

Can you believe how precise nature can be? We have clocks and watches and still we often turn up late. But this island is the place where there are thousands of colorful parrots and they all start arriving at sharp 5:30 pm in the evening back to the island from wherever they spent their day.

This parrot island is in Bara Tang and is a great place to spend your evening. Heard of anything as beautiful as this one?  So plan an evening to this parrot island and enjoy their company.

Image result for parrots

4. Color means something:

Andaman and Nicobar islands are all about ocean, sea beaches etc. All you will see is water all around. Somewhere the color of the water is light blue; somewhere it is dark blue, somewhere it is turquoise blue. You know what? The color has a meaning.

You will notice that the water near to the beach or coast is light blue in color and it turn dark as your eyes see far. So the logic for the color difference is the depth of the ocean. Light blue means shallow or less deep and as it turns deeper, the color turns darker. Interesting, isn’t it? These are the things you get to know when you interact with the local/native of that place like i did.

5.How these islands remain safe during Tsunami/other water pressure:

The nature is both a destroyer and a protector. Have you ever heard about mangrove forests? These are huge trees on the surface of the ocean and its roots deep down in the waters. They are spread in kilometers of area and whenever the islands are hit by massive water force, these roots deep down in the waters take all the pressure and not let the water reach and destroy the land. It mitigates the effect of huge water pressure. Nature is a true bliss is all I can say.

6. Only active Volcano in the country:

Barren Island’s Volcano is the only active volcano in India and it is in Andaman and Nicobar. Only Scientists and researches go to this place after taking many permits from the government. It is not allowed for tourists to visit this place and neither did I visit this place. But just to make you aware about one more interesting thing, I chose not to skip this one.

7. Betel/Areca Nut and other farming in Andaman:

This rich red soil land with such favorable climate supports agriculture to a great extent. I have witnessed myself how nature bestowed this place with the flora and fauna that it has. Right from coconuts to pineapples to litchis to velvet apples to jack fruits to vanilla creepers to cocoa farming to black pepper to cloves to lotus to orchids to honey bee houses to red chilies to all the medicinal herbs to betel nuts to cashews to nutmegs to cinnamon. This place is just so rich when it is about flowers, fruits, herbs, medicinal plants, spices, vegetables, dry fruits etc.

If you feel like witnessing all these things that I have mentioned above, do visit a horticulture farm that’s located in SippiGhat, which is just 20 Minutes’ drive from Port Blair City. You can also purchase plants and take them with you as souvenir for friends and family as I did.

8. Wood in the waters

 We keep our furniture away from water right? Yes, because we know that wood gets damaged if kept in water. Ok, so let me tell you something interesting.  In Andaman and Nicobar islands there are tropical rain forests and for that very reason they supply wood to many regions. The interesting thing about it is that they cut wood and then dip the logs in the salty waters of the ocean for many days. The reason for doing so is that when this water is soaked in the wood, it protects it from parasites and other kind of damages in a long run. So the wood that we use for making our furniture is first treated with water. Cool right?

  1. Crab Art

Heard about Crab Art? OK, Can you see this pattern on the sand? Yes I am talking about this design made using sand balls. While strolling on a “not much visited” beach, at one point I discovered many such different patterns on sand. On asking a local, I got to know that the hole in the center is crab’s home and it keeps throwing sand balls out, that has created this pattern. I was amazed seeing how unique nature can be and took few pictures to bring it to you. By the way it is called sand bubbler crab.